An early-morning break-in at a Lafayette restaurant has the business taking to social media to ask for the return of their stolen equipment or, at the minimum, information on its whereabouts.

The Cajun Table, a popular (and very delicious, I might add) restaurant on Ambassador Caffery experienced a theft that resulted in the loss of one of their commercial crawfish boilers.

According to the photos, the unit is a natural gas/propane-powered Hughes model. It features a red crawfish on the lid and a cut-out silhouette of a crawfish on each side near the wheels.

Management posted the photos to social media in hopes that someone either knows who stole the equipment or that someone sees it on an online sales site.

The Cajun Table asks readers to keep an eye on the social media after-market sales sites: Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, eBay, or even just someone posting a similar item on their personal pages.

If you see someone in your neighborhood with a unit like this on their front drive with a for sale sign on it, make note of the address so the management of The Cajun Table can run by and see if they would like to purchase the unit, if you know what I mean.

Facebooks users commenting on The Cajun Table's post seem to be as upset about the theft as management.

via Facebook
via Facebook

From the looks of the unit, it is well-broken in, and the marks from use should make this unit easy to identify from online photos.

It's never a good time to be a victim of a crime, but losing THE piece of equipment that is most essential to serving up boiled crawfish right at the beginning of crawfish season must really hurt.

If you see anything suspicious or have any information about this crime, please contact management at The Cajun Table or the Lafayette Police Department.

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