First the naked dropkick, and now we have the 'wig purse.'

Our hometown of Lafayette, LA is one of the featured markets on A&E's hit show LIVE PD, and last night the antics were quite humorous. Lafayette police officers Morgan and Jordan Colla (they're twins) responded to a call where a woman described a dispute she was having with a nearby neighbor.

Towards the end of their questioning, the woman described how she took her wig off during the argument to which the female officer responded: "That's your wig? Girl, I thought that was your purse."

Facebook user Terrance Koe Calais posted a clip to his page and almost instantly it has been shared over 400 times.

We aren't sure how much longer LIVE PD will follow Lafayette PD but, hopefully, we get little to no real crime and more funny moments like this one.

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