With Festival International starting up on Wednesday and lasting through Sunday (April 24-28), Lafayette Police want to remind you of safety tips and prohibited acts that will help make the event as fun and family-friendly as possible.



⦁ All normal parking regulations apply during festival week that are not in festival area

⦁ Please observe closure of some roadways within the festival area

⦁ Observe all special event parking signs near the festival area

Please notice: The public parking lot has relocated this year to Cajun Field, where the facility (not Festival) will be charging a parking fee

*For additional parking information visit the Festival International website at https://festivalinternational.org/ 

Lost/Missing Children

⦁ Do not leave children unattended

⦁ Decide in advance on a meeting place in case anyone gets lost within your group

⦁ Notify police of a missing child immediately


⦁ Carts, pets, glass, personal tents, metal poles, shade canopies, beach or pole-style umbrellas, are not allowed

⦁ Inserting stakes, poles, or any other objects into the ground, or use of ropes, cords, tape, etc. to reserve space is not allowed

⦁ Weapons, illicit drugs, and other contraband are strictly prohibited

⦁ Ice chests or coolers

⦁ Animals are not allowed in festival area

*Lafayette Police also want to remind the public that “Flash Mob” style disturbances or any deliberate acts that cause fear and chaos in a crowd are dangerous to the public and costly to our businesses. These types of criminal acts will be investigated by the Lafayette Police Department with vigor and to the fullest extent. Individuals found participating in such acts will be arrested for the appropriate offense.

Reminder: Drink responsibly or designate a driver if you intend to drink

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