We all want more stories like this.

You may recognize Cpl. Bridgette Dugas from the Lafayette Police Department. She is currently the spokesperson for the department and she is often seen on television when it comes to stories involving the police department in Lafayette.

Well, one young lady told her teachers that she would like to meet and interview the policewoman who is on television.

So, Zaniah's teachers reached out to Cpl. Dugas and asked her if she'd consider speaking to the student. Without any hesitation, Cpl. Dugas said yes and Zaniah was able to meet and interview the officer she sees on local T.V.

According to the Lafayette Police Department's post on Facebook, this meeting all came about after Zaniah's teachers asked her what they could do to motivate her to succeed.

We applaud the teachers for "thinking outside the box" and I applaud Cpl. Dugas from the Lafayette Police Department for answering the teacher's request. I love this story, but it is no surprise to me that the officer granted the wish here.

Let's get more stories like this in the news!


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