A Lafayette Police Officer working at the new Rouse’s location in Lafayette off Johnston St. heard that a little wanted a puzzle as he entered the store so he hand-delivered the puzzle to him as he and his mom left the store.

Its a local story that has gone viral after the mother of the little boy, Casha Montgomery, shared her story with KATC TV 3 via Facebook. Casha wrote the following story to the news station:

“This is my son with an officer working security at the new Rouse’s on Johnston!! THIS shows that not all officers are bad and people NEED to see that!!!

Here’s how this came about: MJ walks in Rouse’s and sees this officer and RUNS up to him and introduces himself. He tells him my name, his dad’s name, and where we live (something we’ve been working on in case he gets lost). The officer was so impressed and told me thank you for teaching him that AND making sure he doesn’t fear police. When we got ready to go get what we needed, MJ spotted this puzzle. I told him if he wrote a letter to Santa, he might get it for Christmas. Usually he’d throw a fit but he politely put it back. The officer saw all this and told MJ if he was good, Santa may bring him the puzzle. So we go in and get what we need and here comes the officer! He told MJ that he talked to Santa and told him how good he was and Santa said to get him the puzzle! Y’all this made my night and as you can see, it made MJ’s as well!!!

Thank you sir. In a world so filled with hate it’s good to witness kindness.”

With so much negativity in the news today about police and the general public, we are proud of this Lafayette Police Officer for doing the right thing. Not only has the little boy learned a valuable lesson this holiday season, I believe we have all walked away with something after reading this story.

And just as we applaud this officer for doing the right thing, I think we should applaud Casha, the mother of this little boy, for teaching her son such a valuable lesson. This is what defines the holiday season to me.

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