The Lafayette Police Department responded to a call Wednesday morning off of the Evangeline Thruway in regards to a woman in the street with a pair of scissors in her hand.

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman was spotted walking on the frontage road that runs parallel to the thruway.

In a Facebook LIVE video, which you can see below, you can hear police and those standing by the scene asking the woman to drop the scissors.

At one point an officer even tells the woman to listen to the men behind them, and she doesn't. Ultimately, police had to deploy their tasers to subdue the woman.

The taser seemed to have very little effect on the woman as police officers still had to wrestle her to the ground.

After the scene and the woman was secure, she was then put on a stretcher and taken away for medical observations. We will continue to follow this story out of Lafayette.

We will warn you, some may find the video below to be disturbing.


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