Parents with kids in schools across Lafayette Parish received an email Tuesday night from Superintendent Irma Trosclair addressing the latest TikTok trend.

We had a story here last week about the latest trend on the social media platform that is encouraging students to slap a teacher, then run.

Luckily, we have not seen any videos of such type of behavior surface on TikTok, but that isn't stopping schools and school districts from addressing the potential threat.

In an e-mail sent to parents in Lafayette Parish, Superintendent Trosclair had this to say about the latest challenge on TikTok:

" Now we hear the challenges are escalating, and kids are being encouraged to hit or slap a staff member, moving from property damage to violence. Please make sure your student realizes that these challenges are not innocent pranks. Serious disciplinary action will be imposed on students being destructive or displaying any inappropriate behavior. Restitution will be made for damaged property. Additionally, theft, vandalism, and striking a teacher will lead to police involvement. No exceptions will be made for such behaviors."

The superintendent would go on to encourage parents to talk to their children about the consequences of their actions and even noted the importance of having parents instill school pride into their kids.

In the email sent Tuesday eveing Superintendent Trosclair added:

"We encourage our students to always be respectful of school property, their peers, and of school staff members. If students are aware of destructive TikTok challenges taking place at school, they should inform their parents, their administrators, or another adult on campus."

This latest challenge comes after a previous challenge where students were vandalizing and stealing from schools. The challenge on TikTok was referred to as the Devious Licks Challenge.

Sine the latest challenge has surfaced on TikTok, many on Twitter have spoken out against it and even had a warning for those who may participate in slapping a teacher.

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