The mother of 14-year-old Eva Davis just wants her child to come home. JoAnna Anderson told KLFY she contacted the Lafayette Police Departrment on May 27 to report that her child had run away. The mother adds it's not the first time Eva has run away from home.

Anderson is just hoping that Eva sees the coverage of her story, and she comes home.

The single mother says she does think the girl running away was a planned event because one of Anderson's other daughter told her that Eva had a backpack with her.

Anderons is a single mother, and she says she believes Eva waited until she went to work that day working for Door Dash to run away from home. She says she has not heard from her daughter since that time.

Anyone who knows anything about where Eva Davis can be found is urged to call the Lafayette Police Department at 337-291-8600 or call 911.

Her mother told KLFY in the interview she wants her daughter to know how badly she wants her home. She said, "Eve, I love you. We love you, we just want the best for you and whereever you are you know you can call me."

Anderson even told the tv station that some people have told her that maybe she was too strict, and Anderson adds maybe she sheltered Eva, but she adds it's her job to know what her child is doing. She says it's her job to keep her child safe.

While she has heard nothing from, Eva she hopes that the teenager will contact her.

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