Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesman Thomas Gossen says a bicyclist who was hit by a hit and run driver on March 8 has succumbed to his injuries.

Gossen says that 57-year-old Stoney R. Loup of Lafayette was struck from behind while riding his bicycle on Brothers Road around 11:15 that night. The driver fled the scene.

With help from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, officials determined the truck was owned by 40-year-old Vontraya L. Leday. She was arrested for Felony Hit and Run.

The family of Loup told State Police that the man died yesterday.

That night, law enforcement officials say Loup was riding his bicycle southbound along Brothers Raod when he was hit. He was thrown from the bicycle, and he ended up landing on the shoulder of the road. Eventually, he was found and taken to the hospital.

Trooper Gossen says the investigation into the crash continues.

When it comes to bicycling, the trooper reminds us that it is best to assume that a driver is not able to see you.

As a reminder to drivers, drivers need to be alert to the driving conditions and to their surroundings at all times.

Many people may not know, but there is a law now across the state that vehicles have to give bicyclists three feet of space when they are sharing the road.


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