The Lafayette City-Parish Council granted $700,000 to go toward crime cameras to be set up in 52 locations around the city.

Using input from the City-Parish Council and reviewing crime statistics to pinpoint high risk neighborhoods, 52 locations have been selected to place the crime cameras.

On top of the $700,000 to purchase the cameras and equipment, there will be about a $100,000 a year recurring expense to keep the system running, as well as the internet connection needed to link the cameras back to the police department.

The cameras will be linked to servers that will save footage that can be looked at for evidence if a crime is committed in the area. Footage will be able to be viewed in real time from headquarters, or from a patrol car. Officers will be able to pull up the live camera footage from their laptops in their units.

In addition to the permanent cameras, one mobile camera will be purchased that can be dispatched to any area of the city that may need it.

The department already has some cameras in the downtown area, but this will see cameras being brought to residential areas.

The city has yet to sign a contract for the cameras, but are looking at proposals now.

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