Stop spreading rumors about the Coronavirus.

Lafayette General Health shared a pretty simple message on Facebook Monday evening when it came to addressing Coronavirus rumors in Lafayette.

Like others in the medical profession, LGH advised the community to wash their hands constantly in an effort to prevent the spreading of the virus.

In addition to that advice, LGH also said that it was time to go to bed. Meaning, quit worrying about the virus and quit spreading rumors about it.

Someone stated early on Monday that a patient was being treated for the virus in Lafayette and that is NOT TRUE. Thus, that is why LGH said to "go to bed."

While I found the post to be entertaining, it is also very informative. Wash your hands and go to bed.

In so many words LGH is saying to protect yourself against the virus and continue to live your life as is, but STOP spreading rumors or misinformation about the virus.

I thought that this was well-done.

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