With not so favorable Halloween trick-or-treating weather looming, many communities have decided to move official trick-or-treating times. Many neighborhoods in Lafayette have announced they'll observe festivities tonight, but no official statement has been made by Lafayette Consolidated Government, until now.

Below is the official statement made by LCG -

"While Halloween is more of a community custom than it is government event, LCG acknowledges the tradition of Trick or Treating. LCG and the Lafayette Police Department work to provide public safety awareness around Halloween and Trick or Treating activities. LCG, however, does not regulate Halloween or Trick or Treating, and thus does not mandate when related activities may or may not occur. LCG understands that neighborhoods may coordinate alternate dates and times for Trick or Treating and recognizes the rights of groups and organizations to do so.

With safety as the paramount concern, LCG wishes to remind citizens of these precautions to assure a safe and enjoyable Halloween and Trick or Treating throughout the weekend:

·         Be sure to be seen - Carry a flashlights or glow sticks and add reflective tape or reflectors to dark colored costumes

·         Travel in groups under the supervision of parents or guardians

·         Use sidewalks where available, stay to the side of the road and watch for   cars

·         Stay in familiar neighborhoods and only visit familiar homes with porch lights on

·         Wear flame retardant costumes and only carry costume props constructed of cardboard to avoid injury

·         Adults should inspect all treats prior to the children enjoying them

·         Give and accept wrapped or packaged candy only

·         Drive cautiously in neighborhoods and areas where children may be trick or treating

For adults attending parties this weekend, please plan ahead and practice responsible drinking. Do not drink and drive.

LCG wishes everyone safe Trick or Treating and a happy Halloween weekend!"