Debris Drop for Lafayette Residents will happen on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

Debris Drop-Off is scheduled for Saturday, October 24 from 8 a.m. until noon. This is an opportunity for residents in the city of Lafayette and unincorporated Lafayette Parish to bring miscellaneous waste for proper disposal.

The drop-off sites will be at Brown Park off of E. Pont des Mouton Rd. and at the Robicheaux Center on Eraste Landry Rd.

If you're cleaning up around your property today here's a great way to dispose of some of the things you no longer want or need.

According to the social media post on the LCG Facebook Page:

"Waste accepted at the event includes old tires, old wood and metal, furniture, appliances, carpet and padding, and other construction debris. There is a limit of five tires per person. Smaller waste such as old clothes, shoes, and other items should be contained in a bag or box. Larger items such as old bicycles, barbeque pits, and steel mounting poles for basketball backboards will also be accepted. Debris Drop participants should be prepared to help unload items for disposal."

Now, there are some things that you CANNOT drop-off this weekend and they are as follows:

"Items that will not be accepted include automotive batteries, chemicals, compressed gas cylinders, and any power equipment with a gasoline engine. These excluded items cannot be deposited in a waste container destined for a garbage landfill. Information sheets will be distributed to attendees at each site with instructions on how to dispose of excluded items, as well as how to have furniture, large appliances and other large household items collected at their homes."

Lastly, only those within LCG’s jurisdiction can drop-off items that they will be collecting. You will be asked to show your driver's license prior to dropping off debris.

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