Lafayette City Marshal Reggie Thomas has released a statement in regards to a video, that contained racial slurs, from City Judge Michelle Odinet's home.

As we previously reported, a video from the judge's house has gone viral after racial slurs were used in the video to describe a burglar at her home.

The man allegedly responsible for the burglary has been arrested, but now all of the attention seems to be focused on the viral video, which you can see HERE.

Marshal Thomas, who works directly with the city court and even provides protection for city judges, had this to say about the video and Judge Odinet.

"When I was elected to the position of City Marshal, one of my promises was to make sure that everyone who visited City Court for any reason, would be treated fairly and with integrity. I believe my office has done its part to do that. Yesterday, a video surfaced with several people using the N word. It is my understanding that Lafayette City Judge Michelle Odinet has confirmed that the video was taken at her residence. Since that time, several people have asked my position and thoughts on the matter.

Before I was elected the first African American to a Citywide seat in the City of Lafayette, I was a proud black man. Even at this mature stage of my life, this language still hurts me to my core. I am certain that most people of color share my pain when the N word is used to describe us. With that being said, I’m sure that people of color will find it impossible to trust that they will be treated fairly and equally when they have to stand for judgment before Judge Odinet. This type of language cannot be accepted or tolerated by anyone, especially those who serve as leaders in our city.

I understand that a burglary was taken place, and that’s a strenuous circumstance. Nonetheless, it is during tough situations that our character is revealed. The usage of the N word to describe any individual is not only deplorable, it is revealing of racial prejudice, let alone from such an high representative of our judicial system.

As a proud black man, and the Lafayette City Marshal, I strongly believe Judge Odinet should be held accountable. It is up to Judge Odinet to remember the oath she took, and should she remain on the bench, find a way to gain back the trust of “all” of Lafayette, especially African Americans. A mere ineffectual and weak apology will not suffice.

As stated before, I pledge to everyone that walks through the doors of City Court, that my Marshals will be respectful and provide security to everyone.”

Lafayette City Marshal Reggie Thomas was elected as the first African American to a citywide seat in the City of Lafayette in 2019.

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