The Lafayette Police Department has made an arrest in last weekend's car drifting incident in the Kohl's parking lot off of Ambassador Caffery.


Police Make Arrest In Lafayette Car Drifting Incident

This past weekend, a video posted to Facebook by Valerie Mertz went viral showing vehicles burning out their tires the parking lot near Khol's and DSW at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Settler's Trace.

See the video and original story HERE.

Tonight, Lafayette Police have announced they have made an arrest.

KATC reports that today (04/12/22) investigators in the case identified someone in the video who "allegedly fled from a Lafayette Police Officer on April 9 after responding to a reckless driving complaint on the parking lot of Kohl's on Ambassador Caffery Parkway."

Jmarius Lamar Charles, 28 of Lafayette, was questioned earlier today by investigators and was eventually arrested on multiple charges.
From KATC -
"Charles was booked on one count of Flight from an Officer (Felony), one count of Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor), one count of Vehicle Entering Highway from Private Road, Driveway, Alley, or Building (Misdemeanor), one count of Disregard Traffic Control Signal (Misdemeanor), one count of Required Position and Method of Turning at Intersection (Misdemeanor), one count of Driving on Highway with 2-Way Dedicated Left Turn Lanes (Misdemeanor), one count of Driving on Right Side of Road (Misdemeanor), one count of Driving on Roadway Laned for Traffic (Misdemeanor), one count of General Speed Law (Misdemeanor)."

At the end of the original video you can see a Lafayette police officer pull into the Kohl's parking lot and turn on his lights. One of the cars that was drifting is then seen pulling away fleeing the scene.

Sgt. Green of the Lafayette Police Department says the responding officer did not pursue the suspect vehicle out of concerns for the safety of other drivers in the area.


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