The Lafayette Little League All-Stars are pretty good on the field, but the boys also have some pretty hilarious personalities.

Little League baseball is almost a right of passage for young kids, and Lafayette is blessed with pretty good talent. Our Lafayette Little League All-Star team is headed to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, which means the boys will be getting some TV time.

In addition to the excitement of the game, one of my favorite things about the Little League World Series is the player intros. They are just like normal player intros for professional athletes, except they feature the kids that are playing the game.

To quote Twitter user @cjzero the Lafayette All-Stars has one of the best 3 player intro strings that I've seen in recent memory.

Let's start with Cole Shexnaider, who describes himself as a utility player. I mean the guy can do it all, so why WOULDN'T he call himself "Big Shexy?"


Next up, we have Dylan Menard, who plays outfield for the Little League All-Stars—but his hair might be more famous than he is.


And last, but definitely not least, a Lafayette All-Star catcher and outfield by the name of Garrett Begnaud. He is definitely popular with the ladies who apparently call him "G-Money."


Little League intros are always a blast, and the greatest one of all time is probably still the one that everyone remembers from the legendary Big Al.

I'm not sure what Alfred Delia is up to these days, but regardless of what he has going on, he is still living large in terms of his internet gold legacy.

As the boys ramp up the action in Williamsport, we'll proudly be watching and cheering on "Big Shexy," "The Hair," "G-Money," and the rest of the Lafayette All-Stars as they give their best effort in the Little League World Series.

Who knows, if we're lucky, we might see a few dingers.

And here is a batch of some of the best player intro videos that I could find for your entertainment.

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