But Kurt Cobain always seemed so nice and peaceful! Well, sometimes, when a person is pushed so far, he fights back. In this case, that statement is literal.

At this Nirvana show in Texas from 1991, Cobain dives onto the audience for a little innocent crowd-surfing. For some reason that isn't apparent in the video, the bouncer decides it's a good idea to shove Cobain in the face, keeping the icon of '90s grunge from returning to his rightful place onstage. Maybe the bouncer didn't like the way Cobain's shoes smelled.

Cobain fights back by ramming the butt of his guitar into the bouncer's head a few times. First viewings of this video often elicit a "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!" from viewers. We mean, that had to hurt. Guitars aren't light and soft. Plus, if you didn't know, there's a little metal stud right there that keeps the guitar strap on. It looks like Cobain probably planted that stud right into the bouncer's face.

The bouncer, who doesn't look like a dude who lets stuff like that slide, gets up and punches Cobain in the back of the head. At one point, you can see blood running down the bouncer's face. Dave Grohl and Kris Novoselic run to Cobain's rescue, and Novoselic pulls the bouncer off.

Apparently, Cobain had been smashing the stage monitors out of frustration with the sound, so maybe that's why the bouncer was pissed. It could be that he brought those from his house for the show. Or maybe the bouncer wasn't thrilled with how Nirvana handled their cover of 'Love Buzz,' which was originally performed by the Dutch band the Shocking Blue, which scored a hit with the song 'Venus.'

Anyway, here's a video of Nirvana performing 'Love Buzz' without any gratuitous violence.

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