Ultimate Kronos Group, one of the largest payroll companies in the U.S. has fallen victim to what is being described as "a crippling ransomware attack."

John Schnobrich via Unsplash.com
John Schnobrich via Unsplash.com


As if the holidays weren't stressful enough, a massive ransomware attack is threatening thousands of hardworking folks' paychecks...right before Christmas.

Kronus is used for HR and payroll for clients like "the city of Cleveland, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Tesla and MGM Resorts International" according to CNN.com.

The payroll company is also used by many Hospitals across the country as well, including right here in Acadiana.

As of now, reports are that the Kronos hack could take weeks, possibly months to fix.


From CNN.com -

"Some employers find themselves having to make contingency plans in order to pay workers, such as shifting to paper checks. And some impacted employees have been unable to access payroll systems."

Employers are making every effort possible to make sure employees receive paychecks on time and for the proper amounts owed.

However, doing so is obviously a monumental task without the Kronos system companies have been using to keep track of employees' hours worked, pay scale, PTO, and more.

Read more at CNN.com.

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