Former Korn drummer David Silveria went on record a few months back sharing that he would be open to returning to the band to "restore the groove." However, after recent comments on his Facebook page aimed at bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu, the odds of that ever happening seem pretty slim.

It all started when a fan posted a message on Silveria’s Facebook page [via Metal Injection], asking about Fieldy’s 2010 autobiography ‘Got the Life.’ The fan posted a question about a fight the two were allegedly involved in, asking: “Reading Fieldy’s book, he mentions you, saying how he threw down his bass and called you out to fight him and after that you two never got along, what the hell happened? Did you put him in am armbar? Lol”

That’s all it took for Silveria to open up the floodgates, first responding with: “Ha ha!! Fieldy NEVER threw down his bass and tried to fight me. He is a coward with a big mouth and he knows I would beat his ass like the little wimp that he is. I would love for him to talk s--t to my face now. I would love to crush him like a b-tch.”

That continued the discussion with fans adding their two cents throughout the thread and Silveria encouraging fans to spread the word, saying, “Feel free to share my other comment anywhere that Fieldy may see it.”

That was just the beginning though. Silveria's tirade contined: “Sorry guys. Fieldy has acted like a tough guy for so long it’s nice to tell the truth. Not only is he NOT a tough guy but he’s a cowardly little b-tch. He never tried to fight me cuz he knows I would squash him like a bug. He acted like a tough guy on tour to our staff cuz he knew he could get away with it because our crew got paid well and didn’t want to lose their jobs. He used that to walk around acting like he though he was a tough gangsta. Our entire crew laughed at him behind his back because they all knew he is a p--sy. I would love to see him out somewhere with no security to protect the runt. He wouldn’t say anything because he’s totally scared of me.”

So apparently there is no love lost between Silveria and Fieldy, but Silveria went on to allege that he’s not the only one with a problem with the current members of Korn. “Munky just puts up with them. A lot of people don’t know this but after I left the band Jon and Fieldy would gang up on Munky trying to control him and Munky QUIT the band 3 times since I’ve been gone,” Silveria said. He continued, stating, “When I was in the band I stood up to their control freak nonsense and Munky became their target after I left. It’s all nonsense because there is no reason for them to be a--hole drama control freaks when they could have been cool like Munky and I and just embraced the blessing of being able to play music for a living. Fieldy and Jon had drama almost daily. I never wanted anything to do with their stupid nonsense. I just wanted to enjoy being a rock star and rock the world drama free!!”

As for Silveria’s current thoughts on Korn’s sound, he simply offered this: “The original Korn sound is gone. It’s the JD show now and it just no good.”

At this time none of the members of Korn have offered any response to Silveria’s very forthcoming comments and allegations. Visit Metal Injection for screen captures of Silveria's Facebook rant.

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