The music industry hasn't been the same since Black Flag founder Greg Ginn found out he could bypass music labels and have his own records made in a factory. A new Kickstarter campaign is now looking to take that DIY attitude a step further.

A group from Sydney, Australia, called Machina.Pro, is developing a machine they say will allow people to cut their own vinyl on a machine small enough to sit on a desk.

The group explains that their contraption, simply called the Desktop Record Cutter, or DRC, will allow people to cut their own records with a simple two- or three-button operation. They promise that the DRC will be easy enough for newbies to use, but will also have plenty of options for advanced engineering types to tinker with.

While Machina.Pro hopes to make DIY vinyl-production available to the teeming masses, vinyl nuts shouldn't get too excited. Right now, only three funding slots that actually net you a machine are open, and one of those slots will set you back a cool $7,000 AUD, though the group says that funding now will help reduce the price once the DRC goes into commercial production.

Despite the lofty price tag, the campaign looks like it'll reach its funding pledge. With 23 days left on the Kickstarter, backers have pledged almost $9,000 of the $10,000 goal. Want to get involved? Check out the official campaign page here.

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