It was certainly an ugly scene in Lawrence, Kansas.

A massive brawl took place at the end of the Kansas Jayhawks 81-60 win over the Kansas St. Wildcats on Tuesday night.

The fight began when Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa blocked DaJuan Gordon's shot, before standing over him.

With Kansas leading big at the end of the game, De Sousa was stripped of the basketball by Gordon, who then tried to go in for a layup. De Sousa then blocked the shot, sending Gordon to the floor prior to drawing a technical for taunting.

Kansas State's Antonio Gordon and David Sloan then went after De Sousa, before the benches began to clear.

At one point during the brawl, De Sousa, who had thrown multiple punches, held a stool above his head before assistant coach Jerrance Howard grabbed it from him.

It took several minutes for tempers to cool and for the teams to exit the court.

Local police officers, as well as coaches from both teams, helped break up the fight.

Suspensions are sure to be on the way.

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