Kansas announced a new concert album, Point of Know Return Live & Beyond, arriving on May 28.

The 22-track album documents 12 shows from 2019 and 2020, recorded during their anniversary tour behind 1977's Point of Know Return. The new project includes that LP in full, alongside other deep cuts and hits.

The record, available to pre-order on March 26, will be available digitally and as a double-CD digipak and triple 180-gram vinyl/two-CD box set.

The veteran prog-rock band previewed the LP with a teaser featuring audio clips of classic and recent songs: "Point of Know Return," "The Wall," "Two Cents Worth," "Summer," "Taking in the View," "People of the South Wind," "Song for America," "Closet Chronicles" and "Paradox." You can listen below.

“We knew we wanted to release a live album of the Point of Know Return anniversary tour," said Phil Ehart, the band's drummer and the record's coproducer, in a statement. "Being unable to tour for more than a year has given us the opportunity to work on Point of Know Return Live & Beyond and release it for our fans who are missing live concerts as much as we are. When we discussed who would mix the album, we thought the best possible person would be the guy who mixes the band live every night and recorded the shows on the road. Nobody knows better how Kansas sounds live than our front of house engineer, Chad Singer!"

“This live album sounds great,” added guitarist and coproducer Richard Williams. “We wanted to make sure this album captures and represents how Kansas sounds live in concert. Point of Know Return Live & Beyond does just that."

Point of Know Return Live & Beyond — which follows their 2020 studio LP, The Absence of Presence — will feature Ehart and Williams with current members Tom Brislin (keyboards, vocals), Billy Greer (bass, vocals), Ronnie Platt (lead vocals, keyboards), David Ragsdale (violin, vocals) and Zak Rizvi (guitar, vocals). You can see the album's track listing below.

Kansas, ‘Point of Know Return Live & Beyond’ Track Listing
1. “Cold Grey Morning”
2. “Two Cents Worth”
3. “The Wall”
4. “Song for America”
5. “Summer”
6. “Musicatto”
7. “Taking in the View”
8. “Miracles Out of Nowhere”
9. “Point of Know Return”
10. “Paradox”
11. “The Spider”
12. “Portrait (He Knew)”
13. “Closet Chronicles”
14. “Lightning’s Hand”
15. “Dust in the Wind”
16. “Sparks of the Tempest”
17. “Nobody’s Home”
18. “Hopelessly Human”
19. “Carry On Wayward Son”
20. “People of the South Wind”
21. “Refugee”
22. ”Lonely Wind”


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