With the sad news of Adam 'MCA' Yauch's passing announced earlier today I feel like a piece of my childhood is gone. So, I decided to put together my top 5 favorite Beastie Boys songs. Obviously I love plenty more than just 5, and it was very hard to narrow down. Go ahead and check them out and then let me know yours!




This is a GREAT song in itself, but what really brings this song to the next level is the legendary and, dare I pull a Kanye and say, one of the best videos of all time!


Paul Revere

This song, to me at least, is such a great tale. Some old west style drifter stuff. But in the key of Beastie! Love it!


Dare I call Hello Nasty their 'comeback album'? Sure they were around, but they kinda flew under the radar for a few years. This song ruled my high school years.

So What Cha Want

The video concept was so simple. Just three dudes spittin fire ass rhymes in the woods into a crazy thermal style lens. What of it? And it didn't hurt that the song starts off some a nice organ bending notes!

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

This is the song that really introduced the world to Beastie Boys. People had heard of them before back in their hardcore punk rockin days. This song though...what more can I say but 'Thank you!' Yeah, I just said thank you to a song.

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