Jenny McCarthy‘s career may not be as hot since she starring in flops like ‘BASEketball’ and ‘Dirty Love.’ In fact, it may have outright cooled because of her stances against vaccinating babies against easily treatable diseases. Any red-blooded male, however, can see she’s still hot enough to fill out a Playboy pictorial — assuming they haven’t gone blind since they first saw her.

The former Miss Playmate of the Year turns 40 in November and gave birth to a child since then and we still wouldn’t mind doing a “before and after” test between her original Playboy pics and her latest ones. Believe it or not, we’ll get the chance to do that very soon thanks to her next scheduled appearance in Playboy.

The former Mrs.-Once-Future-Jim-Carrey said in an interview back in 2009 that she would jump at the chance to pose in the magazine that made her a household name in 1993. However, she didn’t have much confidence in her chances.

“I would absolutely pose for Playboy. I would be so flattered if they asked me. It’s probably not going to happen but I think I want to do it again.”

Apparently, Hefner thinks more of the blonde cutie than she thinks of herself, which honestly just makes her hotter on some subconscious psychological level. The magazine asked if she would strip down again for their upcoming July issue, and because there is a just and loving God who truly cares for us, she accepted.

We recently compiled a timeline of McCarthy’s best photos from then and now in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Shuffle through them again and remember the two big reasons that ‘MTV’s Singled Out’ was such a big hit.

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