According to Jay himself, the next movie featuring the two lovable foul-mouthed stoners will film in the Big Easy.

“Hopefully, all is going as planned,” Mewes told MovieWeb. “We have the money. We have (a) location. We have the offers out to other people. … We’re in motion to start pre-production in January. February we start shooting.”

After premiering in Kevin Smith's Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob have had side gigs in all of Smith's View Askewniverse movies, that are all set in one universe, obviously. They even got their own movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where the duo head to Hollywood to try and stop a movie using their likeness from being made.

So what is Jay and Silent Bob Get A Reboot going to be about? The same thing, according to Smith via his podcast, Fatman on Batman:

“It’s literally the same (expletive) movie all over again," he said. "It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

Whether any of the movie will actually be set in New Orleans, or if they're just using it to film is unclear.

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