You read that right! Talk about never judge a book by its cover. Mrs. Will Smith and mother of pop chart topper Willow Smith reveals her favorite bands...and you'd be quite surprised to hear who they are. She also says that Willow is a fan of heavy music as well, saying one of her favorite groups is freaking Lamb of God!!! Check out the article and see who Jada says are her favorites after the jump!

"Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed her family's love for heavy metal.

The wife of Men In Black star Will Smith and mother of chart-topper Willow Smith spoke to the Metro about her own musical career and passion for the genre.

The former singer revealed that despite receiving death threats while fronting her own metal band Wicked Wisdom, heavy music is still very a part of her life.

"I love Mastodon, Crowbar, Skindred and Cult Of Luna," said Smith when quizzed on her favourite bands.

Meanwhile she said daughter Willow"loves heavy music. She loves a group called Lamb Of God and one of her favourite albums is 'Killadelphia'."

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