There is no question Lajon Witherspoon is grateful to be celebrating the release of Sevendust's latest record, Truth Killer—the band's 14th studio album.

When he was on Loudwire Nights Friday night (July 28), he told host Chuck Armstrong what it's like hearing people praise the new LP.

"I hope it's due to us getting older and learning our craft and being hard workers at what we do and just the fact that music is in us, man," he admitted to Chuck. "The fact that everyone out there that's grown up with us, they're letting us show that we've grown musically—that's important."

Truth Killer highlights Sevendust's continued evolution since their debut self-titled album released in 1997. Over the course of more than 25 years, the band has honed its distinctive sound, and on the new record, Witherspoon and his bandmates push that sound to new levels.

Witherspoon shared some insight into a handful of songs that capture the sound of Truth Killer. Here is what he had to say to the Loudwire Nights audience.

"I Might Let The Devil Win"

"That was really crazy to hear the song get built and written. It was amazing. Clint [Lowery] really brought an incredible energy to that. It's got a Nine Inch Nails groove to it. Several people in the industry were worried about it—we thought right now at this point in our career, people will definitely understand the song. It could possibly be one of the heavier Sevendust songs."

"Truth Killer"

"I think it kind of sums up everything that's going on in the world today. At the end of the album, everyone asks, 'Do you name the album at the beginning?' It's always at the end [for us]. "Truth Killer" kind of felt like it would be fitting for everything that's going on in the world and everything that we've gone through, being part of the last two-and-a-half years. Getting back together—it kind of fits what's going on and I hope everyone understands once they get deep into the album."

"Holy Water"

"I feel like that is a cinematic journey. What an incredible song, but going into the studio with this—the music was so moving that it made everything exciting. That up-tempo beat, wow, I can't wait to perform this because you know that these types of songs are going to move the crowd, especially after being gone for two-and-a-half years. "Holy Water" is a special song. We just did a video for it and I can't wait for everyone to see that."

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"This turned out to be one of my favorite songs we did. It was the very end of the album and I almost feel it didn't make the album just because you only have a certain amount of songs. But "Fence" hit us with that old Sevendust sound. Everything was just cool about it to us, man. The response, it's been incredible. It's really exciting to play live. I can't wait to get back out here and do it this summer, this whole summer. We have a light guy who mimicked the whole light show so it looks exactly like the music video."

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