Iron Maiden have officially kicked off the all-new The Future Past tour in Slovenia, dusting off rarities from their classic 1986 album Somewhere In Time and others while also keeping focus on their newest album, Senjutsu.

This run, Iron Maiden's first since concluding the exhaustive and already historic Legacy of the Beast tour, is the world's first look at the fresh stage design, built to accommodate the visual themes of the two eras that are in particular focus.

See the setlist further down this page.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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Iron Maiden on Tour — Dates + Tickets

Catch Iron Maiden on the all-new The Future Past tour at these dates and get tickets here.

Iron Maiden Setlist — May 28, 2023

01. "Caught Somewhere In Time" (first time live since 1987)

02. "Stranger In a Strange Land" (first time since 1999)

03. "The Writing On the Wall"

04. "Days of Future Past" (live debut)

05. "The Time Machine" (live debut)

06. "The Prisoner" (first time since 2014)

07. "Death of the Celts" (live debut)

08. "Can I Play With Madness" (first time since 2014)

09. "Heaven Can Wait" (first time since 2008)

10. "Alexander the Great" (live debut)

11. "Fear of the Dark"

11. "Iron Maiden"


12. "Hell on Earth" (live debut)

13. "The Trooper"

14. "Wasted Years" (first time since 2017)

Photos: Iron Maiden Live - May 28, 2023

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