Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Roundabouts have become the punchline for many jokes, especially in Lafayette Parish in south Louisiana. Youngsville may hold the title as Roundabout Capitol of Acadiana, but that distinction may not apply for much longer.

The Acadiana Planning Commission and the Louisiana Department of Transportation have been working to identify intersections where roundabouts will provide safer travel and reduce the number of crashes.

The data from the Federal Highway Administration shows the truth about their efficacy. Not only do they save taxpayer money, they reduce fatalities by 90% and crashes with injury by 76%.

Pretty impressive, huh?

In 2019, LDOTD had constructed or proposed more than 150 roundabouts on state roads. Another 14 were being constructed or proposed on local routes.

Through its Transportation Improvement Program, The Acadiana Planning Commission partners with local agencies and governing bodies to identify travel routes that need attention for one reason or another. Their analysis of the area is ongoing, and new projects are proposed or added based on feedback in the parishes they serve.

Their 2040 Roundabout Plan, developed in 2014, highlights nearly 200 intersections within their service area that were either converted to roundabouts or that they believe should be considered for roundabout construction.

For safety reasons, the commission has zeroed in on two rural intersections that will benefit from being converted to a roundabout or traffic circle. Both projects have been approved and are being paid for through state capital outlay funding that is distributed through the legislature and the APC's federal transportation funding. Local elected officials sit on the policy board and decide how these federal transportation funds are allocated throughout the region.



LA 675 @ Airport Road Roundabout

The roundabout would be located on the east side of US 90 West where the frontage road intersects Louisiana Hwy 675 (Jefferson Island Road) and the newly constructed Airport Access Road. This project represents an approximately $3 million dollar investment in Iberia Parish.

The design for the Hwy 675 roundabout has been approved. Currently, right of way negotiations are underway between property owners and the government. A more solid timetable will be released once that process is complete, but the commission hopes to begin construction in 2025.

Roundabout plan
Courtesy Acadiana Planning Commission


LA 95 @ Lexington Drive Roundabout

The roundabout would be located on LA 95 (Mire Hwy) at its intersection with Lexington Drive and represents a more than $5-million investment.

Design work has begun and, without any unexpected delays, construction is scheduled to start in 2026.

Roundabout Plan
Courtesy Acadiana Planning Commission

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