At one point, the movie Final Destination 2 made an entire generation of movie-goers terrified of following log trucks. Being the completely rational person I am, I tend to avoid following any vehicle with any sort of trailer whatsoever.

You just never know, right?

Well, one poor soul in Lafayette has attempted to justify my paranoia (I can't be the only one, right?) when his boat and trailer became completely separated from his (or her?) truck over the weekend at the intersection of Ambassador Caffery and College.

As captured on video and shared to the social media site Reddit, you can see the truck drive off and the boat... well... not.

Anyone missing a boat? Corner of Amb Caff and Congress.
by u/Lafayettecomedy in Acadiana

Thankfully, it was at a traffic light that had just turned green, so the cars behind the truck were not coming at full speed behind it. There were no accidents at the scene after the boat trailer came off the hitch. But even better was the good Samaritan who got out of his truck to help move the boat off the road.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

That person got plenty of praise in the comments on Reddit.

"Kudos to guy in black truck for clearing lane," one person wrote.

"Guy who got it out is a f---ing hero," another said.

But the incident does raise a lot of questions. Did the driver of the white truck the boat appeared to be attached to not feel his vehicle get lighter suddenly? Where is the boat now? Who is the hero who moved the boat out of the way?

Y'all, please properly secure your trailers. And please be careful driving around, especially as we get into the summer, where undoubtedly more boats and various other trailers may be on the road because of summer vacation, etc.

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