A few years ago, I was riding with my dad through Galena Park, Texas, it’s a suburb of Houston, Texas. My mom used to be a P.E. instructor there and he showed me her house from back in the day. That was back in a time when people didn’t feel the need to lock their doors at night because as my dad would famously say, “A lock will only keep an honest man out”.  

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That kind of sentiment could be applied to marijuana laws in Texas, if you ask me. Texas marijuana laws are only keeping “law abiding” citizens from using it.  The state is one of the few remaining that have a “zero tolerance” policy with marijuana. Many states including neighboring Louisiana have approved medical marijuana for patients and recreational marijuana isn’t going to be that far behind.  

And while Texas laws on cannabis are pretty succinct, I think we’re all kidding ourselves if we don’t admit there’s a lot of cannabis use happening between El Paso and Orange and Amarillo and Brownsville.

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And just for clarity, a lot of people who use cannabis aren’t the criminal type. You might be surprised at who uses, or you might be a cannabis user yourself and have never run afoul of the law. We tend to lean toward personal freedoms if you’re wondering what our position on the subject is.  Basically we believe "You do You" as long as that doesn't affect me, then we are good. 

Still, there is a need to know who smokes, vapes, dabs, or consumes edibles. If you’re an employer, you want to make sure your employees aren’t using cannabis on the job. If you’re a user, you might want to know who your next “plug” might be. But how can you tell? 

Funny you should ask. And quite frankly, your reason for asking is your own but there are ways to tell who uses cannabis and who probably doesn’t. 

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