GRAND PRAIRIE, La. (KPEL News) - A St. Landry Parish family was trapped in flood waters after a massive amount of rain was dumped throughout Acadiana on Wednesday morning.

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office was called out to the scene, and was able to rescue the family, SLPSP revealed on Wednesday afternoon.

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In a post on Facebook, the sheriff's office posted photos of the flooded area, as well as the family being loaded into a special transportation vehicle, affectionately known as "Big Joe."
"Big “Joe” to the rescue!!" the sheriff's office wrote. "Deputies were called out to Little JB Road, Grand Prairie for a family stranded by flood water. Our team arrived in Big Joe and safety removed the family."

"Just a little part of what we do when others are in need," the post also read.

Along with "Big Joe," the rescue crew included Deputy Ray Bellow, Lt Lynette Chevis, Deputy Zach Bellard, Deputy Jude Bustarde and Investigator Mark Kidder Animal Control.

Flooded Roads in Acadiana

The rain isn't yet over for Acadiana, either. Rain is expected to continue through Wednesday night and into Thursday, according to local forecasts.

KATC's Rob Perillo posted a warning about the rain earlier Wednesday afternoon, noting that a Flood Watch remained in effect for the time being.

Avoiding Flooded Areas

Avoiding flooded roads is crucial for personal safety and the well-being of your vehicle. Here are some essential tips to help you navigate safely:

Stay Informed: Pay attention to weather forecasts, especially during rainy seasons or severe weather conditions. Be aware of flood-prone areas in your vicinity.


Check Road Conditions: Before embarking on a journey, check for road closures or advisories. Many local authorities provide real-time updates on road conditions during adverse weather events.


Turn Around, Don't Drown: If you encounter a flooded road, do not attempt to drive through it. It's challenging to gauge the depth of water, and even a small amount can be dangerous. Turn around and find an alternative route.


Obey Barricades and Signs: Respect road closures and warning signs. Barricades are in place for your safety, and disregarding them can lead to hazardous situations.

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Use GPS Apps with Caution: While GPS navigation apps can be helpful, they may not always provide real-time information about road closures. Use them in conjunction with official sources.


Know Your Vehicle's Limits: Understand the capabilities of your vehicle. Small cars can be more vulnerable to flooding than larger ones. If you drive a low-clearance vehicle, exercise extra caution.


Be Wary of Fast-Moving Water: Avoid driving through water flowing rapidly across the road. It takes only six inches of swiftly moving water to knock an adult off their feet and 12 inches to move a small car.


Park on Higher Ground: If you anticipate flooding in your area, consider parking your vehicle on higher ground to prevent water damage.

Remember, it's always better to be cautious and choose safety over convenience when it comes to flooded roads.

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