It's no secret that Buc-ee's has a lot of fans. The popular mega rest stop has been spreading like crazy over the country, and its fan base has, too.

But in Texas, where it originated, the fans may be the most loyal. And one Texas native who misses his home and the super convenience store decided he needed to have its mascot tattooed on his leg - but with a twist.

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Via The Chron:

Nico Medina left Temple, Texas, a decade ago for Nashville, where he works as a drummer. But he longed to represent his home state with a tattoo, and when he came across a meme on Instagram of the Buc-ee’s beaver with a slogan underneath saying “buc around and find out,” he knew what image should grace his thigh.

He went to Nashville tattoo artist Ryan McDonald of Dead Ahead Tattoo Co., and asked him what he could do with it. McDonald had ideas, but it would take some time since his schedule is often booked. Medina’s opportunity came not long after, when an appointment McDonald had scheduled fell through.

“I just DMed him and I was like ‘yo man, I can come in tomorrow. You want to do that Buc-ee’s tattoo?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, say less,’” Medina said.

The resulting tattoo is just amazing. McDonald, the artist, posted it on his Instagram account.

It's probably the best thing to happen to the beaver's face in a while. Recently, the Buc-ee's in Madisonville, Texas, saw its sign melt in the oppressive heat. But Medina is not the only person getting Buc-ee emblazoned on their bodies.

The phrase "Buc around and find out" is gaining traction, it seems, and it's not just in Texas. It's all over the country.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

So, we just have to ask... are you going to be getting Buc-ee tattooed on you anytime soon?

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