In the early hours of March 15, surveillance footage captured a suspect snooping around a carport area of a home located in the 400 block of Crawford Street in Lafayette.

The video reveals the subject, described as a "chubby build white male," carefully peeking around the residential property. At one point, the individual was seen bending over a bike, seemingly evaluating or tampering with it. However, the situation took a sudden turn when a chime—possibly from a security system—resounded, startling the suspect. The sound triggered an immediate reaction, causing the individual to hastily exit the scene, disappearing from the camera's view.

This incident has been classified as a felony theft by the Lafayette Police Department, which now seeks the public's assistance in identifying the suspect. The authorities have released the surveillance images, hoping that community members might recognize the individual and provide information that could lead to an arrest.

Lafayette Crime Stoppers, in collaboration with the police is asking anyone with knowledge about the incident or the suspect's identity to come forward. Anyone in the public with information to share can contact the Lafayette Police Department directly or utilizing the Lafayette Crime Stoppers service. Tips can be submitted by calling (337) 232-TIPS (8477), through the P3 TIPS Mobile App, or by dialing **TIPS (**8477) from a mobile device. In line with their policy, all informants will remain anonymous.

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