For years, we have looked to the skies for answers about life beyond Earth, but a Harvard professor may have found some evidence a lot closer to home.

Professor Avi Loeb, a professor of astronomy at Harvard, has long been an advocate of the idea that there is life out there. In October of last year, Loeb asserted that, based on his calculations, there could be as many as 4 quintillion spaceships in our solar system.

To say that he's a bit obsessed with space would be an understatement.

That's "4,000,000,000,000,000,000," if your calculator doesn't go that high.

Writing on his Medium page, Loeb explained that the expedition was all about tracking the landing site of a meteor that fell into the Pacific Ocean. It was an expedition that cost $1.5 million, and Loeb began his recap of the expedition with "We did it."

I led a Galileo Project expedition to the Pacific Ocean to retrieve spherules of the first recognized interstellar meteor, IM1, and brought back to Harvard College Observatory more than 50 spherules which lay on the deep ocean floor for nearly a decade. These sub-millimeter-sized spheres, which appear under a microscope as beautiful metallic marbles, were concentrated along the expected path of IM1 — about 85 kilometers off the coast of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Their discovery opens a new frontier in astronomy, where what lay outside the solar system is studied through a microscope rather than a telescope. That 83% of the matter in the universe is apparently composed of dark matter which was not found yet in the solar system should teach us modesty in forecasting the nature of interstellar objects.

He has also been making the media rounds, speaking with News Nation's Chris Cuomo about the trip.

Now, this discovery comes in the wake of a possible UFO crash in Las Vegas, as well as years of reports from military sources that the U.S. military has come across unexplained flying aircraft that moved in abnormal ways. So, it's not like this is all happening in a vacuum.

Can we say for certain that it is aliens? No. But we cannot say for certain that it isn't aliens, now can we?

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