NEW ORLEANS, La. (KPEL News) - The old, abandoned Six Flags site in New Orleans East will finally be getting a much-needed rebuild after developers move ahead with their plans for the old amusement park.

The park, originally Jazzland Amusement Park, was later taken over by Six Flags, a company that was operating parks around the country. Jazzland was a major attraction in New Orleans.

However, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 devastated New Orleans, forcing the park to close. The damage to the city and the time it took to rebuild areas around it kept the park closed and eventually shut down for good.

It has been abandoned ever since, and there have been several urban explorers who have shot video in the park, highlighting the attractions that once drew large crowds that were now empty.

Bayou Phoenix, the development company that had taken over the park, was slow to begin the process of revamping it. However, it seems that they are now back on track.

Via Fox 8 News in New Orleans:

Back on track after a bumpy start is Bayou Phoenix, the development company taking on the project. Bayou Phoenix was selected to redevelop the site after Drew Brees’ SHIELD 1 foundation backed out.

“In selecting Bayou Phoenix, it was very apparent that their proposal was also the community’s choice,” said New Orleans Office of Economic Development director Jeffrey Schwartz. “We’ve been very excited to make sure that the community’s choice gets to this point in the development process.”

Rundown, overgrown, and shut away since Katrina, the developer now has plans for a different thrill. The city announced a building agreement between the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) and Bayou Phoenix, with the city committing $1 million toward the building, maintaining, and securing the site.

Past proposals from Bayou Phoenix have included a sports complex, retail spots, and a water park.

Rendering of future Bayou Phoenix development project that will replace the old Six Flags New Orleans site.
Credit: Bayou Phoenix

It could be an exciting development deal for New Orleans, not only in bringing in a major attraction to the city but also providing hundreds of new jobs - which is exactly what Bayou Phoenix is claiming will be coming.

In a video promoting the development, the company says that 700 jobs and an average salary of $64,000 a year can be expected.

It's one of the biggest entertainment developments to come to the state in a long time, and could play a big part in revitalizing the city.

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