Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Louisiana is ranked number 13 in the states with the lowest cost of living, according to U.S. News. Does the fact that it may not be expensive to live in the Bayou State make it a good option when considering where to live in retirement and if it will require more than social security to make it happen?

We all dream of the day we can turn off the alarm for good or only turn it on when we want to do fun things. Some of us look to that stage in our life longingly but anxiously, wondering if we will ever be able to not punch a clock. Inflation, early life choices, and market fluctuation will factor into your budget in your post-work life.

A 2020 study by the National Institute on Retirement Security showed that 40% of retired Americans live on the money they get from social security alone. The social security income from two people currently sits at just under $3600 a month.

Can you live in Louisiana on that income if you don't have a significant amount or no money put aside in a retirement account?

Writers for the website considered factors like population, cost-of-living, and expenditures to compile a list of the places you and your significant other can live in Louisiana if you need to enjoy those carefree years on social security alone.

10- Deridder

Facebook via City of DeRidder - City Hall

Approximate monthly cost of living: $3,000

Deridder sits in Beauregard Parish, just north of Lake Charles, in the western part of Louisiana. The small town of about 10,000 people offers historic sites for exploration and is close enough to larger areas that makes traveling for other adventures easy.

9- Westlake

Facebook via City of Westlake, Louisiana

Approximate monthly cost of living: $3000

About 5,000 people live in Westlake, a small town in Calcasieu Parish, very near Lake Charles. Folks enjoy the activities at casinos just minutes away, so there are lots of fun things to do.

8- Bossier City

Bossier City
Facebook via Bossier City, Louisiana

Approximate monthly cost of living: $3000

The cost of living appears a bit higher in the north Louisiana town of Bossier City, but all the factors together make it a good bargain. The city of about 63,000 people boasts outlet malls, outdoor attractions, and even an aquarium. The city of Shreveport sits just across the Red River, so the list of things to do expands with its easy access.

7- Ruston

Facebook via City of Ruston

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

Ruston is home to Louisiana Tech, so it's big enough to have the amenities and fun activities you need. The north Louisiana town is known for hunting and fishing, with a population of 22,000 people.

6- Leesville

Facebook via The City of Leesville - Municipal Government

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

Leesville is home to 5,700 people, as well as a military installation. Additionally, notes that Leesville is the least expensive town to buy groceries which is just under $400 per month for a couple.

5- Shreveport

Facebook via City of Shreveport Government

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

You may remember that the nearby Bossier City made the list as well. People in Louisiana call the northwest corner of the state "the Shreveport-Bossier area" because they are so close. notes that healthcare in Shreveport is significantly less expensive than in the other cities on the list. The medium-sized city is home to 188,000 people.

4- New Iberia

New Iberia
Facebook via City of New Iberia

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

The city of New Iberia sits on the Bayou Teche in south Louisiana with easy access to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The city of about 30,000 people offers fascinating attractions like Jefferson Island, Shadow on the Teche, and the Sugarcane Festival. The larger city of Lafayette is 20 miles to the southeast as easily accessible via U.S. Hwy 90.

3- Lake Charles

Lake Charles
Facebook via Lake Charles City Hall

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

83,000 people live in the southwest Louisiana city of Lake Charles which boasts fun things to do like casinos, museums, several festivals and music events, and its nearness to Texas.

2- Thibodaux

Facebook via City of Thibodaux - Municipal Government

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2800

The city of Thibodaux in south Louisiana was named one of the coolest small towns in the country in 2022, by Budget Travel. It features an historic downtown and historical sites that make it comfortable and friendly.

1- Sulphur

Facebook via City of Sulphur

Approximate monthly cost of living: $2700

Sulphur is the third Calcasieu Parish city to make it into the top ten most affordable places to live for retirees living on social security income alone. The town of roughly 20,000 people is a stone's throw from the larger city of Lake Charles and offers the same amenities at a slightly lower cost of living.

Louisiana Living

Louisiana is one state with at least six different cultures, depending on where you are in the Boot. If you're considering retiring here, do your own research and ask the locals in whichever town you are eyeing. Everyone is friendly and enjoys getting to know people. Expect to be fed wherever you visit because everything people in Louisiana do involves good food and usually music.

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