Our very own Acadiana, "the soulful region of South Louisiana," recently received a shining spotlight in the New York Times. The feature, a vivid portrayal of the area's rich culture and thriving local businesses, highlights how the author embarked on a three-day journey, eating, drinking, and shopping their way through Lafayette and its surroundings.

Culinary Delights and Local Businesses:

Cypress Island Preserve at Lake Martin: A natural sanctuary offering kayak explorations, it's a perfect start to immerse in the area's beauty.

Joshua J. Cotten, Unsplash
Joshua J. Cotten, Unsplash

Buck & Johnny’s, Breaux Bridge: A culinary and musical treat with its Saturday zydeco breakfast, this place is essential to understanding local traditions.

Vermilionville: This living museum in Lafayette serves as a historical canvas, depicting the life of 19th-century Acadiana.

A Tapestry of Experiences:

Moncus Park: Offering more than just greenery, its farmer’s market is a local favorite for fresh produce and artisanal goods.

Hilliard Art Museum: This university-affiliated museum is a testament to Louisiana's rich art scene.

Blue Moon Saloon and Hideaway on Lee: These venues are two heartbeats of Lafayette's nightlife and music scene, providing unforgettable experiences.

Gastronomy and Libations:

The Little Big Cup and Pop’s Poboys: These establishments offer a unique twist on Cajun and Creole cuisine, integral to the gastronomic landscape of Acadiana.

Sunday’s Soda Fountain, Wild Child Wine Shop, and Spoonbill Watering Hole and Restaurant: With their modern charm, these spots on Downtown Lafayette's main strip offer a contemporary take on Southern hospitality.

Frankie’s Best Daiquiris, The Best Stop Supermarket, Billy’s Boudin and Cracklin, and Kartchner's Specialty Meats in Scott: For a taste of local flavors, these places are unmatched in their offerings of Cajun specialties.

La Cuisine de Maman: Located in Vermilionville, this eatery provides a historical backdrop to a rich culinary experience.

Unique Shopping Experiences:

Beausoleil Books, Genterie Supply Co., Lagniappe Records, LiLou Lafayette, Parish Ink, Sans Souci Fine Crafts Gallery, and The Cajun Hatter in downtown Lafayette are not just shops; they are storytellers of Acadiana’s culture and creativity.

Where to Stay:

From economical chain hotels to the charming Maison Madeleine, visitors have a plethora of choices that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Journey Through Acadiana:

The author's three-day journey, as highlighted in the NYT feature, illustrates a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether indulging in the local cuisine, enjoying the vibrant music scene, or discovering unique shops, each moment spent in Lafayette and its surroundings is a step deeper into the heart of Acadiana's culture.


The New York Times article by Shannon Sims, with photography by Joseph Vidrine, is more than just a travelogue; it's a celebration of Lafayette's spirit. It showcases the diverse and rich experiences awaiting those who choose to explore this unique corner of Louisiana.

To dive into this captivating journey and explore all that Acadiana has to offer, be sure to read the full feature on the New York Times website.

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