We're all looking to save money these days.

In recent weeks we have seen a spike in prices for things like gas and even groceries.

Many on social media are now talking about how expensive it is to get eggs, and we recently discussed this topic On-Air.

One listener called into the show and had a bit of advice for all of us looking for cheaper eggs in south Louisiana.

If you've ever driven through the countryside here, you have seen people selling vegetables, farm animals, and other things.

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Well, with the price of eggs being so high these days, you may want to keep your eyes open for those selling eggs throughout the countryside.

The caller says that he's seen folks selling eggs for much cheaper that the "big box stores". and he encourages all of us to drive through the country/smaller rural towns when it comes to saving on eggs.

He makes a great point because like you, I too have seen people selling eggs on the side of the road and never thought much of it, until now.

Here's the phone call from earlier this week on the radio.


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