This isn't from South Louisiana.

A small "alligator" on the side of a busy highway in Dallas had many dialing 911 on their morning commute.

As you can see here, a small "alligator" appears to be approaching the multi-lane highway near Dallas, and that was enough to have dozens of people calling for help.

The only problem here is the alligator you see here is FAKE.

Someone played a good prank in Dallas and placed this "alligator" on the side of the highway, knowing that it would startle some on their commute.

The small "alligator" was placed on the side of the George Bush Tollway in Plano.

Now, if we saw this here in South Louisiana it wouldn't really be an issue, after all, we've seen much larger alligators on the road in Henderson, La.

However, this was in a metroplex and folks there aren't accustomed to seeing alligators on the road.

I hope that no one wrecked while looking at this "alligator" because traffic on this busy highway moves and it moves very fast!


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