Distracted driving is not an issue limited to Louisiana. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. The campaign, Put the Phone Away or Pay, reminds drivers of the dangers of driving while distracted as well as the legal consciences.

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In support of this national campaign, SB98 has been proposed that will ban phone usage while driving. According to Louisianaradionetwork.com the bill passed in committee without objection and has already received Senate approval.

Touching your cell phone while driving would be a secondary offense, meaning you could only be charged if you were first pulled over for another violation, as speeding. It would be considered a primary offense in school and construction zones


Distracted Driving Statistics

While having a cell phone with you in your vehicle can come in handy during an emergency, staggering statistics suggest that using it while driving is extremely dangerous.

  • In 2022, 3,308 people were killed and an estimated 289,310 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers.
  • 621 vulnerable road users were killed in distraction-affected traffic crashes in 2022.
  • NHTSA estimates 40,990 traffic fatalities in 2023,

Anthony Summers shared his testimony and why he supports the bill in the hearing. Summers is a motorcyclist who shared that he was a victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver using their cell phone. The damages from the accident cost over $80,000.

However, Connie Zimmerman opposes the bill.

It is not your duty to protect us as individuals, we are responsible for that, but it is your sworn duty to protect our collective liberty. The USA was never meant to be a police state

Do you think cell phones contribute to distracted driving, and if so are you in support of SB98?

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