A Louisiana coffee shop is in the hot seat after how they responded to a patron watching NSFW content inside the cafe.

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Woman's Post Goes Viral About Man Viewing NSFW Content In Louisiana Coffee Shop

Chelsea Derise's Facebook post has spread like wildfire after detailing the lengths she went to trying to have a customer removed for what many people are calling alleged 'repulsive behavior'. Her main concern was that there were children nearby who should not be subjected to seeing the type of videos he was watching.

Derise explains in her post that she contemplated if she should approach him or if it would be better to let the staff know so they could handle it. She decided to speak with a staff member and was told a superior would handle the situation. "I sat back down. He continued watching his videos largely on his computer. 20 or so minutes pass, and nothing has been done. KIDS WERE PRESENT."

Below is a screenshot of a video she took of the man "watching, downloading, and organizing" the adult content for hours.

Chelsea Derise
Chelsea Derise

She follows up with the staff member asking "What is the game plan here? He's still watching these videos." To which she was asked to move seats so they could talk to him privately "without causing a scene". After 30 more minutes nothing is done and another woman sits where Chelsea was originally. The woman was "appalled" when Chelsea informed her of what was going on and the woman thanked her and moved.

Derise further explains that when the man stepped outside of the shop, a GM finally approached him and spoke to the man for " a max of 30 seconds." However, he continued to hang around outside for 30 minutes following this brief conversation. "French Truck Coffee didn't offer to walk us to our cars, didn't handle the situation, nor did they call the police on a man watching porn for hours in their coffee shop with minors present."

HR Was Contacted Twice Following The Incident

Following the incident, Chelsea contacted HR twice to see if there was anything that could be done about the customer watching NSFW videos in their establishment for hours with children nearby.

"He (HR) told me he gave his staff a document named  'See something, say something' and there's nothing more that can be done. His 'EXHAUSTIVE INVESTIGATION WAS INCONCLUSIVE' as he called it a "he said, she said."

The Community Responds

The local community is 'disgusted' and 'sick' over the situation, especially since Chelsea has proof of him watching explicit content on a laptop in the coffee shop.

"I am appalled at the lack of urgency on French Truck's part. Their protocol moving forward is to 'see something, say something,' but wouldn't they want to protect their customers from a known p0rn-watching coffee shop-going man from their premises? The answer is no.

The way French Truck Mid City handled this situation has put many parents and patrons off, saying that they will no longer frequent their business even though they would go daily.

Unfortunately, no specific laws say you can't publicly watch NSFW content. However, every business has its own policies and can step in to prevent lewd behavior, especially when minors are present.

View the full post below:

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