A 9-year-old Louisiana boy's small act of kindness has gained national attention and earned him a fantastic reward for his generosity.

Matt Busbice was grabbing a coffee at CC's coffee house in Baton Rouge after the fire alarm rushed him out of his condo when the unexpected happened.

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In the security camera footage, you see Busbice walk to the corner on the patio and begin his morning prayer that he had forgotten in the rush of throwing whatever clothes he could find on and getting out the door safely.

I started to slowly open my eyes, and there's a kid coming at me, about my height

At first, Busbice was expecting a confrontation and was confused when 9-year-old Kelvin Ellis Jr. stretched out his hand and said, "If you're homeless, here's a dollar." The 42-year-old was baffled.

I haven't had that much faith in humanity in a very long time

As it turns out, the Baton Rouge business owner wasn't down on his luck, he was just wearing mismatched clothes thanks to the fire alarm, and Kelvin would soon find out he had just made a friend for life. The young boy explained, "I always wanted to help a homeless person, and I finally had the opportunity." Having just earned a dollar for making good grades, he finally had a chance to pay it forward.

Moved by how wholesome and kind Kelvin was, Busbice took him inside CC's, treated him to a snack of his choice, and met with his father next door to ensure he had a way to stay connected.

The 9-Year-Old's response to why he decided to give away the only dollar he had is moving people to tears across the country. Kelvin responded by saying, "Joy, because I helped someone; give something away, and you feel like you've got a lot of things from it."

And that's exactly what Kelvin got when he was given a 40-second shopping spree to grab anything he wanted from BuckFeather, including a brand new bike.

Busbuice, the Baton Rouge sporting goods store BuckFeather's owner, says he has never felt richer than the day he received that dollar.

He hopes that this story inspires kids everywhere to be kind because "If you give, you're actually going to get more out of that, I couldn't grasp that as a kid. And if we can spread that around, everything changes."

Watch the CBS Interview below:

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