One of Lafayette's own is set to appear on the legendary game show "Wheel of Fortune." The episode featuring Hub City resident, Kelly Tien, will will air tonight, December 28, at 6:30 PM CST on ABC (KATC TV-3).

Kelly, a long-time admirer of the show, applied to be a contestant back in 2020. After a lengthy wait and several rounds of Zoom interviews, she received the much-anticipated call earlier this year confirming her spot on the show. Describing herself as a devout fan, Kelly mentioned that "Wheel of Fortune" has been a significant part of her adult life, with the show being a staple in her household for over a decade.

But her journey to the big stage was not a short one. Kelly tells me that she had to navigate through multiple rounds of selections via Zoom, which extended the time before she could hear back from the show's team. Despite the wait, she described her experience as "the fastest 30 minutes" of her life, filled with excitement and adrenaline.

Kelly's appearance on the show is not just a personal achievement but also a notable event for South Louisiana. She becomes one of only two individuals from the region to be featured on the show recently, as the legendary host Pat Sajak prepares to hand over the reins to Ryan Seacrest in Summer 2024. Another local, a teacher from Church Point, LA, also recently graced the show with their presence.

Kelly says her experience on the set was nothing short of amazing. She spoke highly of the staff, including the iconic duo Pat Sajak and Vanna White, praising their welcoming and kind nature. She also noted that her appearance has been a well-kept secret, catching many friends and family members by surprise as they learned about her upcoming television debut via her Thursday morning post on social media.

As we get ready to root for one of own, there seems to be just as much excitement for local fans of the Wheel that there was for Kelly who actually appeared on the show. The experience, as she describes it, was a "whirlwind of joy" and "a dream come true."

Be sure to tune in to cheer on Kelly and witness her "Wheel of Fortune" journey; tonight at 6:30 PM CST on KATC (ABC).

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