With a mere five days left until Christmas, The Salvation Army has launched a heartfelt plea to the local community, urging for their immediate support to bridge the $150,000 gap in their 2023 Red Kettle Campaign. This critical fundraiser is the backbone of the organization, ensuring ongoing aid to individuals facing sudden crises or financial strains.

Captain Bruce Williams, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army, highlighted the immense challenges faced by many within the community this year. "As living costs surge beyond wage increments, we've witnessed a sharp surge in requests for food, rent, and utilities assistance," Captain Williams stated, emphasizing the pressing need for aid.

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Salvation Army Bell Ringers Collect Funds For Charity
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Inflation remains a looming concern, particularly for those already grappling with poverty. The escalation in homelessness and food insecurity has soared to unprecedented double-digit figures, surpassing recent years' records.

Last year, the organization provided over 21,000 meals and crucial support for individuals and families, assisting with essential utilities. Captain Williams expressed optimism, saying, "I am hopeful that our community will continue to donate generously in these remaining days to uphold our mission of providing aid when our neighbors need it the most. Every donation, irrespective of its size, carries the power to transform a life."

How to Donate:

The approaching Christmas Eve, landing on a Sunday, leaves The Salvation Army with one less day for street-side fundraising. Nevertheless, the organization emphasizes the availability of 24/7 online donations at LafayetteKettle.org, and welcomes contributions through mail or in-person at 212 6th Street, Lafayette, LA 70501.

Captain Williams conveyed deep gratitude, stating, "The Salvation Army is immensely thankful for the unwavering support from our community. Every dollar raised stays within our locality, ensuring families receive meals, assisting seniors with utility bills, and offering hope and stability to those enduring hardships throughout the year."

For those looking to make a difference, The Salvation Army encourages visits to SalvationArmyLafayette.org or reaching out via phone at 337-235-2407 to volunteer, donate, or gain insight into supporting their initiatives not only during this Christmas season but extending help beyond.

About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, operating across nearly 7,000 centers nationwide, assisted close to 24 million individuals in 2023, providing aid against poverty, addiction, and spiritual or economic adversities. Upholding the gospel of Jesus Christ, the organization offers diverse aid, including food provision, shelter, eviction prevention, disaster relief, rehabilitation, youth programs, and spiritual support. For more information, visit salvationarmyusa.org and follow @SalvationArmyUS for updates with #DoingTheMostGood.

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