Former candidate Jan Swift has announced who she will be voting for in the upcoming Lafayette Mayor-President runoff election on November 18.

According to a report from Tracy Wirtz at KPEL News, “Republican Jan Swift finished third in the October 14 election for Lafayette Mayor-President. Swift garnered 26% of the vote, while incumbent Josh Guillory and challenger Monique Blanco Boulet secured 40% and 34%, respectively.”

After falling short in the primary, Swift thanked her supporters:

When I announced my candidacy for Lafayette Mayor-President on December 15, 2022, I did so with the conviction that Lafayette deserved a valid choice at the polls as we selected the next elected leader of our City and Parish.  I stood up to the established power, and I did so against the recommendations of so many who knew how hard the campaign would be. Yet, I saw the need for change and I believed that my career experiences, my knowledge and dedication to our community, and yes, my heart for public service, were just what was needed.

At the time, Swift told KADN 15 she would not be endorsing either remaining candidate in the November 18 runoff.

I am not going to endorse anyone, my supporters and my voters are very educated. I really trust that they will investigate both candidates and they will vote for who they think will be the best candidate.

Wednesday morning (11/8) Swift held a press event at Warehouse 535 to announce she will be voting for Monique Blanco Boulet in the Lafayette Mayor-President runoff election.

Allison Brandon, Facebook
Allison Brandon, Facebook

While Swift is showing her support for Monique Blanco Boulet with her vote, she technically stopped short of any official “endorsement.”

Allison Brandon, Facebook
Allison Brandon, Facebook

A message from the Monique for Mayor President Facebook page thanked Swift for making her support for their campaign public, describing the former candidate's message as "profound."

Boulet spoke briefly, saying the election was "bigger than any of us," and thanking Swift for her "courage and support."

I want to thank Jan for her courage and support. She has and will continue to have a great impact in our community. This election is bigger than any of us and I hope everyone will join both of us in voting for change.


November 7, 2023

I ran for Mayor-President because of my love of Lafayette. I stood up because I believed that Lafayette has been headed in the wrong direction under the leadership of Josh Guillory. That belief is just as strong today as it was when I announced my candidacy.  And my love for Lafayette is still rock solid.

I do not believe that Lafayette can endure another four years of poor leadership under the current administration.

My goal in running was to restore the notion of public service to our community and to revitalize community engagement in a strong Lafayette, to rebuild our city and parish as a place that would offer thriving business opportunities for all, fund meaningful support for our arts and culture, and to restore morale in our first responders and in the dedicated workers of Lafayette Consolidated Government.

We had a very low voter turnout in the primary election. Over two-thirds of registered voters didn’t show up to vote.  I believe it is because so many people feel disconnected and don’t believe they make a difference.  My fear is that even fewer may show up on November 18th for the general election.

I’m standing here today to say that you do matter. We all matter. Our voices are heard when we vote. But they are heard just as strongly when we don’t. Staying home and not voting is just as much an endorsement of the past four years of mismanagement as it is to show up and vote for the incumbent.

Many people have shared privately with me that they may not vote in this general election. I am standing here to encourage my supporters to get out and vote. As I said after the primary, my supporters are educated and engaged people and they can make up their own mind.

But yet many are still wondering who I will vote for. I will vote for Monique Blanco Boulet and am encouraging my supporters to do the same.  I could not remain on the sideline in this all- important change election.

I hope you will join me in voting for Monique and let’s move forward in accomplishing what my campaign was all about.  It’s about you. It’s about our community. It’s about restoring the notion of public service to elected office.

Thank you for your time, and for those that supported me, I’ll never forget your kindness and dedication to building a better future. 

With Swift's public support, Monique Blanco Boulet now moves forward with her campaign in an attempt to unseat incumbent Lafayette-Mayor President Josh Guillory in the Nov. 18 general election.

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