Just when you think you've seen it all, I present to you the wildest viral video from Bayou Classic weekend in New Orleans.

The Big Easy plays home to the annual showdown between Southern and Grambling, and with all of the events, parties, and not to mention the Battle of the Bands, sometimes people forget that there is actually a football game at the center of it all.

The 49th annual Bayou Classic was actually a tight game up until the end of the 3rd quarter. Grambling was holding a 17-14 lead over Southern, but the Tigers began to let the upset slip away after a roughing-the-punter call just before the start of the 4th quarter.

The Jags ended up scoring the go-ahead touchdown moments later and never looked back—going on a 20-0 run to avoid being stunned on the big stage and putting the game away with a final score of 37-14.

But the online highlight of the game came during the 4th quarter when the NBC television broadcast of the game aired a crowd shot in the Caesars Superdome before rejoining the action on the field.

From what it looked like at first glance, a man in the crowd was holding a lighter to a blunt-like substance, leading many at home to believe that this guy was actually getting his smoke on in the dome.

The video, which now has approximately 10,000 shares, was posted to Facebook by Dana Cooper and quickly went viral as many couldn't believe what their eyes were seeing. Was this dude really rolling up indoors? Scratch that; was this guy really rolling up indoors on national TV?

What if I told you that he wasn't rolling up weed, and what he was actually doing was somehow even crazier than that?

In what I will describe as the plot twist to trump all plot twists, this guy was actually HEATING UP A RIB WITH A LIGHTER and I can't even right now.

Shaun O'Brien shared the close-up on Facebook and I somehow have more questions than answers.


Does he heat up all of his food this way when he's on the go? When did they start serving ribs in the dome? Did he smuggle that into the game? And what are the chances that the stars would align and cameras would happen to catch this instant classic on national TV?

This man is an absolute legend, and if he hasn't gotten offers from Bic, a BBQ brand, or a company that sells air fryers, toasters, or any devices that heat up food then they are all missing the moment right now.

The internet has had no shortage of reactions to this amazing moment and this man (whoever he is) has instantly ascended into viral video hall of fame status.

Bless you, lighter on the rib guy, wherever you are.