One thing about Louisiana natives is you might be able to take them out of the boot but you can never, and I mean never, take the boot out of them. Figuratively speaking of course.

We also take sports very seriously especially when it comes to LSU. I'm sure you can think of someone whose entire identity revolves around the LSU Tigers, and more power to them.  It's people like that who make our local college sporting events worth going to because you know the energy of the crowd will be unmatched.

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After hearing this story you might agree that the Mckenzie family has all other LSU fans beat with the level of effort they put into making sure their newborn baby was born a true Tiger fan.

In the now-viral photo posted by the Mckenzie family, you see baby Stephen being held with his feet placed in a box of dirt by his grandmother. But this isn't just any ordinary dirt, this dirt came all the way from Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

That's not even the craziest part. The Mckenzie family lives in Alabama, not Louisiana as we first thought when we heard the story. Rhett Mckenzie, the newborn baby Stephen's father shared that his parents put handfuls of dirt from outside Alex Box Stadium in ziplock bags before making the drive to Birmingham Alabama to welcome their grandson into the world.

This photo was actually posted in 2012 and started going viral online in 2019, seven years after the original post. Now we are seeing it get a second life of virality.

He was born in Alabama, but no way could he first touch Alabama ground

Alabama is easily LSU fan's biggest rival so the fact that this epic display of LSU pride was displayed in Alabama takes the cake. But the story doesn't end with the photo. Turns out this photo has been sitting on Facebook for 7 years before actually going viral online.

Since the photo went viral back in 2019 they have replanted their roots back in Louisiana where they attend LSU sporting events as a family.

Rhett Mckenzie Via facebook
Rhett Mckenzie Via Facebook


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