Scotty Doucet, a Carencro resident and YouTuber known for his channel Drive It 705, is on a unique mission and needs your help. Doucet, who usually documents car cruises and other events from the local car scene, stumbled upon a different kind of life event this weekend: a couple getting engaged at Rip Van Winkle Gardens in New Iberia.

Doucet, who has spent years being part of the local car scene, decided to start documenting his experiences after his brother passed away earlier last year. "It's been fun. I'm starting to get more comfortable with being on camera," he said, explaining how the demise of his brother pushed him to capture life's events on camera. "I realized I didn't have anything for my kids or family after I was gone because up to that point, I didn’t like being on camera or hearing my voice.”

A Regular Day Turned Special

This weekend started as any other for Doucet and his buddies. “That day started as a regular day for us. It’s not uncommon for a group of our friends to get together and drive sometimes 13-16 hours a day just cruising around Acadiana," he recalled. They chose Rip Van Winkle Gardens as their dining spot, a decision that led to the capturing of a touching moment.

YouTube, DriveIt 705
YouTube, DriveIt 705

While enjoying his meal, Doucet noticed a bit of commotion. Guests began to move toward the windows overlooking the lake. Curious, he followed suit and spotted a young couple. Intuitively sensing the importance of the unfolding moment, he quickly grabbed his GoPro and started filming.

Caught On Camera: An Engagement to Remember

The room erupted in applause as the couple, newly engaged, stepped back into the restaurant. "It was amazing to see the newly engaged couple have a special moment from afar," said Doucet, still touched by the experience. The joy on the couple's faces was evident, as was the excitement among their friends and family who were in on the secret.

The moment happens around the 5:30 mark.

Doucet took to social media to find the anonymous couple. "I'd like to get it to them. At least hope they see it,” he said. He posted a clip of the heartwarming event on Facebook, urging people to share the video until it reaches the couple in question. "The link for the video is in the comments," Doucet added, doubling down on his appeal for the power of social media to work its magic.

Join The Search

"SHARE Facebook people, let’s find this couple! I was at Rip Van Winkle Gardens on 9/10/23 and captured this couple getting engaged! Share until they see the video!" read Doucet's Facebook post.

While Scotty Doucet may be known for capturing the revving of engines and the thrill of the car community, this time he captured a moment that revved the heart. Now, he hopes that the power of social media can help identify the couple, so they can relive their special moment from another perspective.

DriveIt 705, YouTube
DriveIt 705, YouTube

For now, we congratulate the unidentified couple and hope that Doucet's video finds its way to them soon.

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