This had them talking.

America loves the huge gas station Buc-ee's and many would love to have one in their "backyard".

Well, a prominent neighborhood near Dallas got quite a surprise when a Buc-ee's "Coming Soon" sign showed near a lot that is being developed.

The fake sign reportedly appeared near Highland Park, which is basically River Ranch on steroids and is the neighborhood where Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones resides.

The prominent neighborhood apparently didn't like the joke because the sign was quickly removed, but not before someone snapped this photo and posted it on social media.

The sign did not only allude to the gas station coming soon to the neighborhood, but it also read, "Best place to pee in HP."

The first Buc-ee's was opened in Texas, but Highland Park, which is just north of Dallas, will not be the next new location for the popular chain.

Still, how funny is this and what do you think those in Highland Park thought when they saw this sign?

I would imagine that a few eyebrows rose up even higher.


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